Waiting with baited breath…


This seems to be the common thread among those doing any type of family research. It’s the making contact with a person, business, government agency about a possible lead and then sitting back and waiting for results. It’s an exciting part of the addiction of family research and it’s why I can’t stop thinking about research 24/7–yes I do have dreams about it too.

Currently my wait stems from a contact I made with another family researcher in Syracuse. While perusing findagrave.com in St. Agnes Cemetery in Syracuse, I discovered that someone had visited the Dunn family plot there just 2 weeks ago and posted photos, ones that matched the ones my mother took several years ago. Posts I make on the Dunn side are soon to come however know this, the Thompson and Dunn families were united in marriage. I first thought there must be family members searching but once I heard back by email from this person, she’s just a family researcher herself and likes to help other families along the way. The reason she took these photos of the Dunns is simply because they were easy to access through the recent snowfall and were visible. We are now in process of determining where my family members are buried there, and she’s going out as weather permits to photograph them for me. These types of people are truly treasures as ancestry research is a time consuming not to mention costly endeavor and she’s willing to do this out of the kindness of her heart. Stay tuned for photos!

I have also recently made contact with a Sister in the Immaculate Conception Catherdral in Syracuse. She has been forthcoming with details about Henry Thompson’s death and has offered to search for other members of the family. My work now is to find out church affiliations and some solid dates of birth/marriage/death to simplify her search. Surprisingly at this point I have not been asked for donations to the church.

There are some truly helpful people out there!

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