Business cards, logos and QR codes – OH MY!



QR code!

QR code!

Finally, I’ve settled on a business card design, and what would a modern day business card be without a QR code? Yep, I did that too. I seem to be teaching myself the ropes of starting up a business as I go. I’ve designed a website, figured out how to link it all up to social media channels and all because I am a cheapskate! I even farmed out my brand logo to a pool of designers and the winning submission came from India. I believe I can write a book now on how start up a new business on a shoestring budget. Stay tuned…

Most of these business details I wanted to put into place as preparation for the Rootstech conference I will be headed to in February of 2014 which is being held in Salt Lake City, UT. This is a very large conference combining genealogy resources and technology. I will have the exciting opportunity to spend an evening at the Family History Library and hopefully find new treasures to complement my current research. When I look back at my younger self I never thought I would ever be excited to spend an evening in a library!

Now, back to the QR code as I probably should have explained that bit. It’s that black and white digital image found on a lot of products, kinda like the UPC code but this is square and might make your eyes cross if you stare at it too long :-). You can scan the code with your smartphone if you have a QR reader app. Scanning this code from my business card will launch the mobile version of my website for a virtual user experience. I’ve placed the image into the top of this post so you can scan for yourselves… Also up top is a tiny link to preview the new business cards. Enjoy and thanks for all of your support!!

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