Family Recipes – Tried and true

Kept, on the left

Kept pile on the left

If you’re at all like me, over the years you’ve been collecting recipes from family, friends, magazines, blogs, websites, food delivery services or jotted them down quickly off of a cooking show.

What happens to all of those recipes? In my case, I have amassed a kitchen drawer full. So full in fact, I always have a hard time opening and closing it every time I reach for my oven mitts which are always shoved back in the top of the drawer.

This morning I am going through this drawer piled high with paper and purging, digitizing or saving as keepsakes. With an impending international move, I can’t feel ok anymore with dragging these paper scraps with me. As a professional genealogist, I’ve been digitizing a massive amount of family photos, why should this area of my life be any different?

End result, I have put a stack into the recycling bin and digitized about 10, and kept 5.

What the heck have I been doing all of these years carrying this stuff with me? I like to cook but all of these things I thought I would “try” someday never happened. And the tried and true recipes I could count on cooking or baking year after year? Yep, those special recipes passed down generations in my family.

Are you sitting on a pile of recipes too? What’s your plan for them? Share your ideas here. Next stop, cookbooks….

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